Snowbird Season is coming

The cold front coming down from the north, is dropping the temperatures to the 50’s and 60’s by next week.

Every Floridian knows what that means; Snowbirds!  I know that we hate their slow driving in the passing lane, and them slowing down to a near stop just to make a turn. All of this has us all ranting and raving and cussing up storms, throwing up our middle fingers to them so much it could almost be called, “The Florida gang sign”.

Another problem with the yankees, is how rude they are!!! Someone should send them a memo about the South being known for our hospitality and manners and when we hold a door open for you for 5 minutes because you walk slow as hell; at least say, “thank you” or even a mumbled “thanks” would suffice! Or even if we’re walking past you and we smile and ask, “hey, how are you” out of courtesy, (and let’s be honest, to let them know that we’re not a miscreant) and you act like you didn’t hear us… That’s what gets you a snide comment like, “or not, bitch”.

Anyway, this snowbird season, try not lose your temper or self control too much or too often, it’ll be over shortly!

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