Trick… or Treat? Halloween costumes

Halloween pumpkins

Halloween is getting closer with each passing day.

That means all kinds of ghouls and goblins will be out and roaming the streets.

From the “aww” inducing costumes, to the creative ones and of course, the creepy, “soul leaving your body for a moment out of fright” type costumes.

Halloween is a holiday that allows your imagination to run rampant and dress up as whatever you want.

But, here in Florida, we take that line that you’re not supposed to cross and use that as the starting line!

Last year, in my neighborhood, there were the usual Princesses, Superheroes and all of the Harley Quinn’s; a few costumes caught my eye. I had to stop and say, “WTF” to myself, a lot!

There were kids dressed up as burglars! Not even the funny kind that used to be in the older cartoons, either! Like, wearing all black and ski masks! At least the parents thought of safety and put a reflective sticker on the child’s back!

I seriously thought for a moment that maybe my kids and I lack creativity! Here I am, with a 2 year old dressed up as a tooth fairy, while your son is dressed up as a thief! Where did I go wrong?! My son is dressed up as a 1930’s gangster and I’m staring at him while he’s holding a water gun thinking to myself, “how could we compete”?

I did help the young burglar out with his costume, though. I drew a big money sign on the front of his bucket. I didn’t want people to be confused about him wanting candy…

Another costume that had me “nope” so hard, was a baby- about 6 months old, that was dressed as some sort of haunted doll. Sure, that might be a scary type of funny to some, but to me, not so much.

I almost wanted to throw the candy at the baby, maybe a crucifix and some Rosary beads for good measure.

It was creative enough to do, because you can’t make a baby act creepy while dressed up like that! It just comes natural. The kid is sitting in it’s little red wagon with mom and dad pulling it around, doing its typical baby stuff; but to me, it was my worst nightmare, that had manifested itself and I wanted no part of it!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Dressing up as burglars is NOT SAFE in a stand your ground state!